Lost moons - moon

Below you will find the list for every Power Moon in Lost Kingdom . Please note that when first entering a Kingdom, there will be some Power Moons that are not currently obtainable, even if their number is listed. Certain Power Moons can only be obtained after completing all main objectives in a Kingdom - and even more will only appear after the main story is complete.

A Dense, Primeval Forest - Few visit these remote islands surrounded by poison, but they are dense with plants that have followed a unique evolutionary path. There is a strange unity between the vibrantly colored plants, the odd animals, and the sea of poison surrounding them.

The Moons were caught by the space mice as well, and were later rescued by the moon . They appeared to be very energetic and love to "smash stuff", and appear to be young.

Lost Moons - MoonLost Moons - MoonLost Moons - MoonLost Moons - Moon