Legend - don't you never

Francois Goulet
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After a break from music, Jupp formed Legend in 1968, who were signed to Bell Records . They released an eponymous album Legend , playing a mix of pop, rockabilly and blues rock styles using no electric instruments. The original band: Nigel Dunbar (drums), Chris East (guitar, vocals and harmonica) and Steve Geere (string bass and vocals), who recorded this album with Jupp (guitar, piano and vocals), split soon afterwards, so Jupp assembled a new line-up, with Mo Witham on guitar, John Bobin on bass and Bill Fifield on drums. A recording deal with Vertigo produced a second album, in 1970, using the same line-up. Confusingly, this album was also called Legend , but is usually referred to as the "Red Boot" album, after the cover picture. Fifield left to join (where he was renamed Bill Legend , after the band he had left, by Marc Bolan ), and was replaced on drums by Bob Clouter who had played with Jupp in the Orioles. This line-up recorded the second Vertigo album Moonshine issued in 1972 (and re-released on CD in 2007), after which the band broke up. [1]

Legend - Don't You NeverLegend - Don't You NeverLegend - Don't You NeverLegend - Don't You Never